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I have the most fantastic daughter-in-law. She happened to see me pop off on social media about wanting bees and a Little Giant deluxe beekeeping kit at Atwoods. So, my birthday, they got me the kit from Atwoods, then at Christmas, they got me another 10-frame deep. Sooo, on 4/30/2021, we picked up my bees. My nuc (nucleus) was 4 frames in a cardboard box with a bright yellow plug. My bee supplier said to unplug the nuc when I got them home (it was about 11pm Friday when we got home - 120+ miles from where we picked up the bees) & to wait until it was warm to move them. It rained all day Saturday but Sunday was nice so we moved the frames from the nuc into the bottom deep on Sunday evening just before dark. This photo was from Sunday before we moved them.

Things I wish I'd known before my first hive:
What do you wish you'd known before your first hive?

Second inspection almost a month after bringing the girls home:

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