What is a Cell Salt? What is Bioplasma?

BLOG: Cell Salts 101

What is a Cell Salt? What is Bioplasma?

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There is a chemistry lesson in this BLOG as well as a bit of biology lesson. The Biochemic Theory developed by Dr. W.H. Schuessler provides the foundation of the Hylands Bioplasma product. Biochemic cell salts (or tissue salts) are alternative remedies based on 12 inorganic salts. Bioplasma is a combination of all 12 cell salts, discovered by Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler in 1873. Wilhelm Heinrich Schuessler was a German medical doctor and homeopath who lived from 1821-1898:

Dr. W.H. Schuessler, MD

Dr. Schuessler identified the 12 different mineral salts present in every cell in the human body. What are salts? Basic chemistry, a salt is an ionic compound. An ion is an electrically charged atom produced when there is a reaction between an acid (like hydrochloric acid) and a base (like sodium hydroxide). This combination would produce sodium chloride salt and water when the right combination is mixed (please do not try this at home as handling acids and bases can be quite dangerous). When positively charged ions or cations dance with an anions or negatively charged ions, the product is an electrically neutral (without a net charge) compound called a salt.

How did Dr. W.H. Schuessler discover the cell salts in human bodies, you may ask? Dr. W.H. Schuessler examined cremains (also known as the ashes of cremated humans) and proposed that if human cells become deficient in one or more of these salts certain symptoms will be present. When the correct salt or salts are replenished in the body, health will be restored.

Living cells are made of water, organic material, and inorganic material. The body uses what we consume to make organic material compounds but minerals (you really are what you eat, right?). While white blood cells may live for only 10 hours, bone cells can live decades. The body recycles some material but other material is expelled in waste so new raw material (preferably in the form of FOOD not supplements) must be brought into the body to make more cells as old ones go through apoptosis. Dietary deficiencies of any essential mineral will negatively affect the manufacturing process of new cells as well as function of living cells (a prime example is a charley horse from a magnesium imbalance - magnesium is used in hundreds of metabolic processes).

Schuessler determined when an imbalance or deficiency of these salts occurs at the cellular level, the deficient patient would exhibit symptoms. Dr. Schuessler believed balance could be achieved ingesting a bio-available form of cell salts. Dr. Schuessler, being a homeopath as well as a medical doctor, proposed these minerals did not always need to be replaced by eating mineral rich foods or supplementation - all that was needed was a homeopathically potentised version to "wake up" the body to use what was inactive in the body.

Cell salt use is considered quite safe for the layperson. No healthcare training is required to use the cell salts and benefit from Schuessler cell salts. You only need awareness of your own body and how it works. The biochemical tissue salts discussed has worked for many. My hubs calls it my voodoo headache pills because when he has a headache, this is what he reaches for. It cannot be easily patented. Like other homepathy, the pharmaceutical industry has tried to eliminate homeopathy by encouraging the FDA to make it illegal even though it is classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe).

Note: Potentized BioChemical Cell Salts which are found in the body naturally are not the same as Homeopathically made REMEDIES though the potentization processes are similar.

An imbalance in any of the cell salts can cause symptoms unique to each cell salt numbers below are original Scheussler numbers:

No. 1: Calc fluor (No. 1) is Calcium fluoratum, found in and used to support connective tissue, skin, and joints.

No. 2: Calc phos (No 2) is Calcium phosphate, found in and used to support bones and teeth.

No. 4: Ferrum phos (No 3) is iron phosphate, used to support immune function.

No. 5: Kali mur (No 4) is Potassium chloride, found in and used to support mucous membranes),

No. 6: Kali phos (No 5) is Potassium phosphate, found in and used to support nervous tissue and nerve function.

No. 7: Kali sulph (No 6) is Potassium sulphate, used to support metabolism.

No. 8: Mag phos (No 7) is Magnesium phosphate found in and used to support muscles and muscular function.

No. 9: Natrum mur (No 8) is Sodium chloride, used to support water regulation.

No. 10: Natrum phos (No 9) is Sodium phosphate, used to support metabolism.

No. 11: Natrum sulph (No 10) is Sodium sulphate, used to support detox pathways.

No. 12: Silicea (No 11) is Silicon dioxide/quartz, found in and used to support connective tissue, skin, and hair.

No. 3: Calc sulph (No 12) is Calcium sulphate, found in and used to support joints and form pus.

Classical homeopaths will normally recommend one remedy based on the totality of the symptoms after a complete history has been taken. Classical homeopaths do not typically recommend combinations like Bioplasma but some will make an exception with Bioplasma. If you choose to use Bioplasma (or any individual cell salt), don't use it every day like a multivitamin unless directed by a homeopath. Use it for 4-5 days then take a break for a few days and you can use it again after the break in use.

You can buy cell salts locally at health food stores or online at links like these two: Bioplasma or Schussler Cell Salts - single salts or sets

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Schuessler cell salts cannot substitute for your doctor. Call your doctor or go to an ER if you are seriously ill.
Severe illnesses may not be treated only with cell salts. Cell salts can only be used as an additional treatment.
Ask your doctor whether it is ok to use cell salts for your personal health problem.

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