Non-therapeutic Prenatal and Pediatric Wellness Chiropractic

No Hassle, Affordable, Non-therapeutic Wellness Chiropractic Care

Welcome to - by APPOINTMENT ONLY

I am NOT accepting new clients in East Texas - see below for local referrals

This practice offers only non-therapeutic wellness care so no insurance is accepted - EVER. I also do not have a set fee. This practice is an HONOR box practice. As far as I know, my practice is the only HONOR box chiropractic practice in East Texas. Pain-based (therapeutic) care requires multiple visits weekly so if you are in pain, please book an appointment with one these excellent local chiropractors with more availability who are currently accepting new clients:

Josh Nannen, DC in Tyler or Karen Austin, DC or Clint Hardin, DC in Lindale.

If you are looking for a Webster technique certified chiropractor, Dr. Nannen & Dr. Austin are both Webster certified or you can search for another Webster certified doc closer to you at the ICPA website. I am certified but had myself delisted because I am not accepting new clients.

Nathan Nix, DC offers membership chiropractic in Tyler where you can walk-in without an appointment to get adjusted 2-3 times weekly for one monthly fee.

Existing clients may book an adjustment visit in Mineola,Texas. Schedule changes will be shared via Square availability and if I need to be in Dallas for work your visit may be moved. Square sends out email reminders the day before your visit (and texts an hour before your visit) so please add Square to your safe email box so it does not end up in the junk/spam folder. If you no longer wish to be on the Square contact list, please let me know & I will remove your Square account with me. This will mean that you can also no longer make visit appointments.

There is no plan at present to re-establish a Lindale adjusting location unless a local missional organization contacts me to offer space in exchange for the HONOR BOX collections. If you have not reviewed it recently & have not been doing your daily exercises, please download & review the Online Orientation HERE as a refresher for the exercises that you should be doing while under care with this practice.

This practice is located in the country. There are snakes, poison ivy, stickers, assorted wildlife, and lots of insects. Neighboring dogs greet everyone who visits. Just tell them to "GO HOME" if they are bothering you. The property is patrolled regularly to keep wasps from building nests on the house, but sometimes they are missed. If you spot one, please let us know a new nest was spotted. There is also an apiary. Please do not visit the bees - they may perceive you as a threat and sting - stinging kills them.

I have never turned away anyone for care based on inability to pay for care, but I have fired noncompliant clients. As a reminder, to remain under care with me requires the following:
Daily hydration and exercises are NOT optional.

Also as a reminder, this practice is a mission - I make a living as an engineer in the aerospace industry, not as a chiropractor. And, I work in Dallas. This is why there are such limited adjusting hours. I cover costs related to practicing out of my pocket and have never taken a salary for adjusting in East Texas - I keep ZERO monies from this practice because it belongs to God - if you write a check, it goes to missional-based organizations or if you drop cash in the HONOR box, it goes to our church, FBC Lindale, in an unmarked envelope. If you need to talk to me by phone, text me at 214-986-three-3-eight-6 (to foil the scammers) I get hundreds of auto warranty & other robocalls daily so I no longer answer my phone if I don't know who is calling. I also do not answer my phone while at my engineering job & I do not answer calls that are not in my phone book so if you want me to call you - text me with your name & why you need to chat.

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